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New style GTBZ28 working at Chengdu Tianfu Airport

New style GTBZ28 working at Chengdu Tianfu Airport

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2020/11/04 15:59
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     The new style of Skyboom Self-propelled Telecopic Boom Lift GTBZ-30J has been working in Chengdu for the important project of Tianfu international airport.


      Tianfu International airport is located in Lujia town,Jianyang city,Chengdu,which is 4F international airport ( It is the highest level airport that can take off and land various large aircraft). After the correlation and future test flight process, Tianfu International Airport is planned to be put into operation in July next year, and Chengdu will become the third city in China with two large international airports besides Shanghai and Beijing. When it is put into operation, the airport can meet the annual passenger throughput of 40 million person times, cargo throughput of 700000 tons, and aircraft take-off and landing capacity of 320000 sorties.

      At present, it is the stage of airport ancillary engineering construction, and there are a large number of aerial working platform working with the comparison of different brands of equipment. Undoubtedly, Skyboom new GTBZ-30J is the most dazzling one on the spot due to its novelty and quality.