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SKYBOOM received the big award CMIIC 2023 Construction Machinery Industry Conference

SKYBOOM received the big award CMIIC 2023 Construction Machinery Industry Conference

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2023/09/22 18:12
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On September 19, 2023, CMIIC 2023 Construction Machinery Industry Conference was held in the capital Beijing. Our company is honored to be invited to participate and received the big award.

Our company GTZZ-14EJ  aerial work platform won the new energy equipment construction machinery star products. GTZZ-14EJ is the most popular AWP in the arm car series of our company. This product has stable power performance, durable and environmental protection. It adopts advanced dual control system multi-way valve control + pump control to provide a safer, stable and efficient control experience. Through the seamless connection of CAN BUS combined with intelligent control system, data transmission and control are realized in intelligent control and real-time operation. High rate discharge exceeds the standard by more than 35%; At the same time, the test data of products with high strength and exceeding negative limits perform well. Through many years of precipitation in the international and domestic markets, SKYBOOM products have obtained high-precision, high-quality and high-configuration product positioning in the field of arm vehicles.

Since the beginning of 2023, although the domestic market demand continues to be weak, our company has won a large number of orders in many countries with its superb technology and good reputation in foreign markets. The company saw a surge in business in the first year after the pandemic. At present, the company is making every effort to become an internationally competitive brand in the field of aerial work equipment.

With the progress of technology and the development of industry, the demand for low-carbon energy saving in construction machinery is becoming increasingly obvious, the sustainable development of energy is an unavoidable problem faced by all countries, and vigorously develop new energy is the common choice of our society, but also a strategic initiative for the sustainable development of our economy and society. The company won the honor of the star product in the new energy series, which is also to follow the pace of low-carbon, and the strength proves that green products are more popular. Honor only for my company's past affirmation, but also for my company's spur, the future we will continue to deep drilling product development and quality, to overcome technical difficulties, SKYBOOM Heavy Industry strive to hand over more high-quality equipment.