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The new design, The create upgrade

The new design, The create upgrade

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2020/08/18 19:23
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 Innovation is the primary productive force. If medium-sized enterprises want to overcome obstacles in the blue ocean and open up a unique law of survival for enterprises, they must be inseparable from product innovation and upgrading. When the Covid-19 comes, the market tested every company. At this time, Skyboom chooses to practice internal skills, and improve R&D and product upgrades as the first priority to deal with the impact of the epidemic.

  This upgrade, the 28-meter boom lift newly built by Skyboom has been successfully come out the production, with novel style and improved functions. Let the editor take you to expose the spy photos of this new product in advance:

  First, take a look at our design renderings, after many rounds of in-depth research and storm discussions by experts and technicians. Based on the feedback from customers of products in those years, in accordance with the principle of combining aesthetics and practicality, and strengthening the function and VI, the final renderings are as follows:


 Compared with the previous model, the new model is more stable and bold, not only the appearance is adjusted, but also the electronic leveling is upgraded to hydraulic leveling ,upgrade the new parameter and function.

Skyboom is committed to continuous innovation and upgrading, and has successfully attracted the recognition of many customer in the aerial work platform industry. Only products that meet the needs of consumers can have core competitiveness. R&D investment and product upgrades are just our unswerving steps on the road of innovation.